I just realized that I’ve had a couple people checking in here now and again.  So, I’m posting a link to my new URL and website.  It’s still in the fledgling stages, and I’m working on the site as a whole and picking up my blog there.  Please feel free to visit me and join.  Sorry you have to login and create a new user account, but that’s the way some things are.  Hope to see you over at my new place.

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Cecilia Duvalle



About a year ago, I decided the name Cecilia Simon sounded like a nice, sexy nom-de-plume.  I had chosen the name Cecilia on a whim when signing up for the role-playing website, Elliquiy.  The song by Simon and Garfunkel was running through my head and the persona seemed to fit.

“Making love with Cecilia up in my bedroom…Got up to wash my face, when I got back to bed someone’d taken my place…Ce-ce-ce-cilia…I’m begging you please…”

The characters I most love to portray in role-play are strong women who tend toward the domme end of the spectrum.  The song seems to fit the name or vice-versa.  And I’ve enjoyed “being Cecilia” on the forums.  I had someone tell me that she was surprised to learn my real name was not Cecilia but something not at all like it–she had assumed I really was a ‘Cecilia.’  I think that’s a good thing.   Whatever the association,  I like the name Cecilia…and that part is gonna stay.  When I “become” Cecilia to write, the bit that turns on makes it possible for me to channel that force of creativity that harnesses sexuality in a way my real self might not be able to manage.

In November, I got serious about writing erotic fiction to submit for publication and started thinking of my writing name “Cecilia Simon” as a separate persona.  I did a quick google search that only turned up the basic Simon and Garfunkel lyrics and a bunch of miscellany that could not be construed as any other identity. Since I hadn’t actually submitted any work yet, and I’m not actually published, I’ve been rather slow on the uptake when it comes to the professional development end–the whole website blogging thing that writer’s are supposed to do to be taken seriously these days.  So, I started blogging a little while ago.  Yay for me!  The website development is something I really didn’t think I needed to do.  I should have registered the domain name as soon as I came up with it.

This morning as I decide to begin the process of making CeciliaSimon.com a reality, I found someone out there has already taken the website domain.  Get this;   There’s a real woman named Cecilia Simon.  She’s a jewelry artist making pretty decent stuff.  Imagine my surprise when I linked to the website and found out she’s real and not a writer of erotic fiction.

Since I’m not actually published, I think I’ll change it now rather than feel entrenched with a name that could be misconstrued later on.  She doesn’t have a wordpress blog, but here I have it under the name Cecilia Simon.  She’s real, I’m….erm…not.

You might ask , “Why  use a pen name at all?”  It’s not a sense of shame so much as a need for clarity.  Anyone picking up a book with the name  Cecilia _______  on it, will learn what to expect.  My “real name” will be attached to other works with different expectations.  I don’t want a teenager who’s enjoyed something I’ve written picking up another work that’s heavily into bondage and being surprised by it. I’m pretty sure I don’t want my OWN teenager picking up a book with the name Cecilia ______  on it at all.

I’m taking suggestions, by the way.  Cecilia Garfunkel just doesn’t have the sexy ring to it that Cecilia Simon does.

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